Macrobiotics is a lifestyle that recognises balance and harmony. It draws on ancient Chinese medicine that appreciates the dynamic symmetry of opposing yet complementary forces necessary to life and health. Just as everything we put into our bodies and minds is important, just as crucial is the way our food is prepared.

The human body is made up of a complex pattern of magnetic fields, the study of which is known as biomagnetics. Our bodies magnetic fields are extremely weak and only detectable with delicate equipment that blocks out all external fields, including the earths. Once they are detected, however, it becomes obvious that our bodies are dynamic, ever-changing bioelectric and biomagnetic organisms.

Ingesting foods that have been cooked via microwave, electric ovens or induction stovetops disturbs the electrical fields in our body, and numerous studies have linked the electro-pollution emitted by them to inflammation, neurological damage, cataracts and even cancer. Electro-pollution is likely the deadliest toxin there is – we can’t see it, smell it or hear it – yet it affects us constantly.

Not only does it affect the fields in the body, microwave and electrical cooking also damages the molecular integrity of food – diminishing its subtle qi. Microwave cooking alters food enough to cause “structural, functional and immunological changes to the body upon ingestion”, as written about in the prestigious medical journal, the British Lancet, all the way back in 1989. This isn’t a new issue, but one that is glossed over by governments and corporations. The journal also states that microwaves transform the amino acid L-proline into D-proline, a toxin proven to be damaging to the nervous system, liver and kidneys. This is because microwaves break down chemical and molecular bonds in food, and can literally rip atoms apart, disrupting basic biochemical structures of our food.

Cast Iron Pan

The cookware we use is of equal importance – many materials including commonly used aluminium and other non-stick pan varieties eventually leech toxic particles – which are in turn absorbed into your food.

In all DTE kitchens we use only stainless steel and cast iron cookware – with no microwaves or plastic rice cookers in sight. Along with our commitment to providing clean, healthy and honest dishes we will also never cut corners when it comes to preparation. We aim to build one peaceful world through nutrition one meal at a time 🌎

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