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We didn’t see much Lebaran activity this year. Lebaran is the Muslim annual holidays after Idul Fitria and normally, it’s one of the busiest times of year, packed with people and cars on the island from all over the archipelago, but, from what I saw, not this year. It is said that the ongoing war in Gaza has a lot to do with this, as people don’t want to be seen having a good time. After the increasing escalation of tensions over there recently we hope that the situation does diffuse fast for all our sake’s. So, it has been relatively quiet this Lebaran holiday season, both on the streets and venues.  However, there seems to be more and more foreign tourists arriving, including a bunch of rowdies in the house/ homestay right behind my house that never seem to stop partying – music and voices up day and night. Ohhh well, I think it was before Covid the last time that place was busy so we won’t complain, we’ll just let them be.

Last Saturday we were up and about, enjoying the Mamasita bar in Berawa for the first time, with Lonner and Minors going back to back till dawn (apparently). It is a beautiful, well-appointed bar and mixing great drinks. We later moved over to Red Ruby and with a full house negotiated our way thru quite a hectic Saturday night and Sunday morning. Viva the weekend. Last night we were over at La Favela dining for Papu’s birthday. Happy birthday Papu. Good times again with Alex Verdacci and Francesco Castelli behind the decks of the Attika booth till late. Since our old buddy Adam, or The Rep, as he was known on the Beat Radio a few years ago, is back for a few days so, no doubt we shall be hitting the bars this week. See you out there!

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